Tamara Faith Berger

"For the past decade, Tamara Faith Berger has been quite possibly the English language’s most fearsome and fearless tapper of hearts, probing with a bloody finger the place where our libidinal and mortal drives collide with the history of racial and colonial violence."


There are no easy moments, no comfort to be found in the searing prose. . . . When writers get young female sexuality right, stories become a revelation and such is the case with Maidenhead. The writing pulls the reader desperately close.


Treading a line between sublime experimentation and unsettling honesty, Little Cat rides a wave of female sexual energy. . . . 'Please, I want you to stay with me till it's over,' the narrator of "Lie With Me" begs. With writing this good, it's hard not to.


I bought this book hoping for good masturbation material, but honestly my mind was too blown to even move my hand.